Monday, October 04, 2010

God Goes with Me Wherever I Go

God goes with me wherever I go
God goes with me in my thoughts,
in my words,
my actions

God goes with me wherever I go
“If I make my bed in hell,” the scriptures say,
"Thou art with me."
Yet when I arrive at this undesirable place
it vanishes!
It vanishes because it does not exist!
It has never existed
except in my wrong thinking,
my wrong perception.
Lies! Lies!
This place, my hell, my illusion, is not real
is a false god
that my ego created
to convince me that I am somehow separate
from my Creator
Silly me, my ego does not exist either!
I mis-created this illusion too
because I wrongly believed
in separation--from God
and my brothers and sisters--
which is not possible
because God goes with me wherever I go

God goes with me into the recesses of my humanity
to show me the treasure within
my own divinity,
the oneness with I AM.
The lies--these false gods--are but shadows
There are no shadows of turning with Thee

Darkness must flee when the Light appears
The Light is within me
The Light goes with me wherever I go

Joy is God
Love is God
Ask for joy and you will receive it
Seek salvation from these lies,
which are our only sins,
and you will find safety in God’s truth
His right-mindedness,
the at-one-ment, our oneness
Knock, and the door of Love
shall be open to you

God goes with you wherever you go
Where are you and God going today?
I hope to meet you
in that circle of Light and Love
The oneness that changes not
that has always been
and forever will be.

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