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Q&A with Luis about Cellular Memory in the Body

Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on day number 7 of the virtual blog tour for Memory in the Cells by author Luis Angel Diaz. If you missed my interview with Luis on September 16, you missed a real treat. But, don't worry. You can access that audio now.

Newly translated from the popular Spanish edition, author Luis Diaz describes his book Memory in the Cells as “where Eckhart Tolle meets What the Bleep Do We Know, but taking you on a much more practical journey.” He says Memory in the Cells teaches “emotional education” and shows the reader how to transform the “pain body” into the “joy body,” helping to heal all aspects of their lives.

Yesterday, Luis visited Tomar Levine at For today’s stop on the tour, I decided to ask Luis some questions about how the cells of our body hold memory

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Yvonne: We tend to think of our brain as the seat of our memory, but you tell us in your book that the brain is not the only place we hold memory. Where else do we hold memory and how do you know this? Is it scientifically provable?

Luis: It’s been discovered that we have neurons in some organs like the heart, the stomach or the liver. It’s just matter of time before we will discover more places where we hold memory in our bodies. Science is slowly coming up with the evidence, but still we need some more time for the final confirmation. As I always say, I won´t wait for it to happen. I might be too old by then!

Yvonne: You say that the cellular memory is imprinted by the field. What do you mean by “field” and exactly what is cellular memory?

Luis: During the last 100 years, physicist, neurobiologists and astrophysicists came to the conclusion that everything that exists is not solid matter as we used to think, but energy waves that create the field, or energy template, that gives form to all the things we know in this universe. This is a scientific fact that is still difficult to understand for our minds. Our cells are charged with a lot of information, starting first with the DNA or genetic code we receive from our ancestors, then the experiences we have when in our mother's womb, and then everything we experienced from the moment of birth up to this moment.

The cellular memory is the name we give to the memory bank where we store all those “files”. It is active as long as the life force from the field is imprinting them. Without the field, there is no memory.

Yvonne: I’ve read that cells contract and expand by nature. What can you tell us about this?

Luis: Cells expand and contract in the same way we do. These are the two main cell processes, and it is very important to understand them if we want to have more clarity about our nature and functioning.

The process of expansion happens when cells grow and reproduce, and also when they feed, heal and clean themselves. Cell expansion, growth and healing happen when the cells feel safe and open to experience life in the same way we human beings do.

The process of contraction happens when cells perceive the presence of danger in the system. It could be a toxin or a danger that our mind sees, perceives or predicts.

Our cells are not designed to be in contraction for long periods of time. But many people have contracted cells due to the stress created by their minds, when they perceive danger on a daily basis.

To grow and heal, we need to experience cell expansion the majority of the time. And in order for that to happen, we need a mind that is trained to watch and confront the fear programming we inherited culturally.

Yvonne: How do our beliefs create pain or joy in us?

Luis: What I called “toxic beliefs” create cell contractions, and therefore create stress and discomfort, and ultimately disease and dysfunction in our bodies. The more we think these toxic beliefs, the more unhappy and confused we feel.

Examples of toxic beliefs are: "I am unworthy", I am unlovable", “I am alone", "I am dirty", "I am stupid", "I am weak", "I am ugly", "Life is too difficult for me", "I can’t trust anybody", etc. I call these “personal lies.” They create a lot of contractions within us, and affect our life, physically, emotionally, financially and professionally.

Yvonne: I’m interested to know how prenatal life is our first training as human beings.

Luis: What do you think happened when you spent your first 9 months of life inside the body of another human being (that you called your mother) and all her feelings and thoughts went through you?

Don’t you think you were being trained there?

To know more about this subject, there is a lot of very good information online, but I highly recommend the book, The Secret Life of the Unborn Child: How You Can Prepare Your Baby for a Happy, Healthy Life by Thomas Verny.

Yvonne: Why do we repeat behavioral patterns we don’t want?

Luis: It’s due to two things that operate subconsciously. First is the deeply embedded belief that this pattern holds a hidden benefit for us. The other is that we are stuck in a habit and we don’t believe we have other options.

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