Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Memory in the Cells

Luis Angel Diaz is the author of Memory in the Cells. He joined Yvonne Perry for an interview about how our cells have memory and how this memory affects us all our lives.
Most of the physical, emotional, and behavioral patterns that create pain and suffering in our lives are caused by the blockages of life-force flowing through our body-mind systems. This is usually the result of traumatic ancestral, prenatal and early childhood experiences that are repressed from conscious thought, yet remain active in the memory of our cells. Over the years, we become conditioned by these un-conscious patterns of repressed pain and trauma. We believe they define who we really are. We often defensively declare: it’s “me,” “myself,” “that’s just the way I am,” or “I can’t help it.” About the external circumstances they attract to us, we indifferently say: “that’s my life.”

An adult self-image based on a false set of assumptions and beliefs will negatively impact everything that happens to us. We feel this as chronic contractions in our psycho-somatic energy field or what is often called: the pain body. This adversely affects the way we perceive life, our relationships, work and our health. When consciousness is contracted in the pain body, life appears tight and dangerous and we must fight or flight constantly. When the pain-body is healed, life is expanding, creative and flowing. We rest in the deliciousness of being alive in our native state of grace responding to life, not in reaction to it.

Luis Angel Diaz was born in 1959 in Argentina and moved to California with his family in 1994. He practiced and taught nutrition, herbalism, oriental/natural medicine, specialized kinesiology, and emotional release methods for almost two decades. After the death of his wife in 1998, Luis experienced a profound transformation that resulted in the development of the CMR process of cellular memory release that is explained in this book. Since then he has traveled the world teaching people this effective method to access the life force trapped in their bodies.

This book teaches and supports the reader to enhance their well being by releasing the repetitive patterns and behaviors that cause us pain and suffering.

When you apply this information and let the memory in the cells heal you of pain and suffering, life’s challenges will begin transforming into the gifts of a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

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