Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Honoring a Child's Intuition

A Review of Yvonne Perry’s book, The Sid Series
by Jim Wawro

Children are born with an innate spiritual sense, with the high creativity that comes with intuition, and with self-love. But, unless they are guided to value these gifts, some combination of upbringing, society, or school often causes children to ignore these important elements of a happy life. It then takes a lifetime of experience for these same children to relearn the gifts they already possessed when they were very young. If you’re an adult—parent, grandparent, teacher—with important influence over a young child, how can you best nurture that child’s innate spiritual sense and holistic growth?

Reading to that child Yvonne Perry’s cleverly illustrated The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children  is an easy way to teach a young child about love, acceptance, self-worth, intuition, caring for the body, facing fears, dealing with change, and understanding the spiritual experiences most young children exhibit. The twelve individual stories in The Sid Series, told through a young boy’s visits with his grandmother, each focus on a different life skill, such as environmental awareness, helping others, being true to one’s self, overcoming fear, healing, and following inner guidance. During each of Sid’s interactions with his grandmother, their dialogue frames the lesson of that story and resolves the issue with Sid’s acknowledgement of the meaning of the experience.

To my mind, the real value of The Sid Series is its recitation of enjoyable stories about everyday events in a child’s life, with the adults honoring the child’s creativity, and thereby encouraging it. How often does that happen in a three-year-old’s life? If you’re an adult with significant influence in the life of a very young child, reading metaphysician Yvonne Perry’s The Sid Series to that child is an easy way to communicate powerful and loving messages about how to enjoy the dignity and worth of the human experience.

Jim Wawro, Author, Ask Your Inner Voice. While trying cases as an international lawyer, he discovered that some people have learned the secret to actively calling on inspiration whenever they need it. His books reveal the proven methods used by history's greats and regular people alive today for actively tapping into the wisdom that lies within you. www.ActivateIntuition.com.

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