Friday, September 24, 2010

Fear or Love? Which is Greater?

God is greater than my fear
Fear has to do with punishment, loss, damage, pain, sickness, illness, darkness

In God, Who is perfect love, there is no fear
Fear cannot coexist with love
One repels the other
Fear is the opposite of love
Perfect love casts out all fear

If I give my mind permission to be fearful,
I acknowledge its power to harm me
more than I acknowledge God’s desire and ability to protect me
I deceive myself by believing that evil is greater than God
or that He wants to punish or rob me or cause me pain or loss

Ego is full of fear
God is greater than my ego

Only that which is of God can affect me
The peace that passes my ego’s understanding
cannot be shaken by errors of any kind
Peace denies the ability of anything not of God to affect me
All my thoughts have equal power
The denial of erroneous thoughts
frees my mind and allows truth
to guide my every thought

As a man thinks, so is he
Where my heart is, there is my treasure
My treasure is truth
My mind is filled with truth,
not human perception
not judgment or condemnation
not separation or sin
for there are no such things in the Christ

The at-one-ment is my defense and protection
I receive this miracle now
I am healed of wrong thinking

God is greater than my fear
God is love
Love is greater than any lie I have ever believed

So be it!

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