Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Divine Mother

by Sondra Ray

Tapping into the Divine Mother in a balanced way can produce regeneration, restoration and renewal. That is why the Divine Mother asked me to use the term ³Sacred Renewal Breathwork² now for my healing modality. During these crucial times ahead, everything must be taken to the next level where new paradigms are needed. The Divine Mother Vibration needs to be emphasized now like never before, since we can see by our results in the world how out of balance we actually are. The sacred feminine has been so suppressed for so long that we have lost touch with our true essence.

In each of us there is a masculine side and a feminine side. The model of the universe in which a male God rules the cosmos serves to legitimize male control in social institutions. But we cannot merely reject the system that is not working. It must be replaced. Nor would it work to replace the system with the Matriarchy. Historically, peace was produced when men and women ruled together as equals, worshipping the Divine Mother together.

The way of the Goddess is one of natural law and wisdom. When people object to this, thinking that the Goddess is pagan, heathen, and so on, they miss the fact that her influence is regenerative, life enhancing, and extremely beneficial. When called and prayed for, the Mother will use her force to consume and devour everything not pure. Those who lay their consciousness at her feet and trust her unconditionally will realize her as Jagadambe, the mother who gives birth and life to the whole universe. She in her ultimate love for her creation is the ultimate source of help. If we surrender to her, we surrender to the Universe that knows what it is doing!

The Goddess is love combined with power. She is the part of ourselves that is nurturing; that shows kindness, tenderness, cooperation, and encouragement. She softens our heart. When you chose communion with God in BOTH ASPECTS (Father and Mother), you will finally know unbounded peace and joy and love fully expressed. The more balanced you are, the deeper your relationships can be to human beings.

Sondra Ray is the author of this article and a book titled Rock Your World with the Divine Mother (ISBN 1-930722-75-3). Sondra will be a guest on We Are One in Spirit Podcast Sept 16. 

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