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The Crystal Kid Behind the Inspiration for Series of Children's Stories

As a ghostwriter and editor, I do a lot of work for my clients. Every other year I try to produce a title under my own name. In 2009 I released my first children’s book, The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children. I’d like to share some insight about this series of stories written for my first-born grandson, Sidney, who is the main character in each adventure.

I started writing about things I did with Sidney when he was about three years old. I kept adding to the series and soon had a collection. I decided to publish the book last year after completing 12 stories. I want to share these with boys and girls everywhere. The book is available as a full-color printed book and as an e-book for Kindle on Amazon and on to display in other electronic readers.

The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children is a book that contains twelve character-building stories that will especially appeal to children who are raised in a spiritually-open and accepting environment. The titles of the stories in the book are as follows:

Sid’s Fairy” which teaches listening to inner guidance
A Stormy Adventure” is about Facing the Fear of Storms
The Pirate’s Treasure” helps children find treasure within themselves
You Can Be!”  Is about Understanding Destiny and Making Choices
Ask Your Body teaches children to intuitively listen to their Body and provide for its Needs
A Ghost in My Closet” is about communicating with angels and spirit guidance
A Powerful Potion” is a story about how my grandson healed his puppy’s leg using a magic potion and child-like faith
My Friend’s Skin” is all about accepting and appreciating diversity
Puppy Love” deals with the death of a pet
Old Things New” teaches the importance of recycling
Always Be Honest” is about learning to tell the truth
Making Room for Brother” is one of my favorites because it tells the story of how Sid’s parents helped him cope with changing family dynamics when the new baby Jonas (my grandson) was added to the family. Sid had been an only child until he was eight years old. This was quite and adjustment for him, but he came through with remarkable understanding.

The book is all about Sidney, yet the stories and illustrations are applicable to any child regardless of whether he or she is exhibiting supernatural gifts.

Sid loved the fact that I was writing stories about him. By the time he was seven, he became my co-writer as he dictated stories to me as I typed.

Sid represents a group of crystal kids who are coming into this earth plane already having supernatural powers and spiritual intellect. He communicated with me telepathically from the time he was born. I would sense his spirit around me even when he was not physically present. He would be on my mind so much some days that I would call his mom, Amanda, to see what was up. These were usually the days Amanda said that Sid had been calling my name, or talking to her about me, or asking to come see me. Amanda has been a strong spiritual influence in my life, and the perfect mom for a crystal kid.

At about age nine months, Sid clearly and repeatedly spoke the name Hannah for several hours while he was with me. I finally called Amanda and asked “Who is Hannah?” She said, “Hannah is a baby who needs prayers of protection.” She and I prayed for the baby. Later that week, we learned that family and children’s services had taken the child from her abusive mother.

Sid shocked me by channeling his higher self when we were driving down the road. He was about three years old at the time. In mid conversation, his mannerism changed and he began to speak with the vocabulary of an adult and told me that he was the soul who had tried to be born through me when I miscarried in 1979. That got my attention, but it did not scare me. I’ve had some unusual spiritual experiences myself! I’m thankful to have the ability to understand and direct Sidney in the development of his spiritual gifts.

I want to encourage parents and teachers who have crystal children like Sid to learn all you can about the gifts these kids are bringing in and help them learn to use their power to create a better world.
You can read more about each story, view an excerpt in flip book style, and click the link to purchase at

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