Saturday, September 04, 2010

Be Angry and Sin Not!

Huh? How can anyone be angry and not sin? Anger always involves projection of our separation from God or others. So how do you deal with anger? By recognizing your anger and letting it go without acting rashly upon the emotion it triggers in you.

Ascended master Babaji once said:

1. You don’t stuff anger; that hurts your body.
2. You don’t dump it on another person; that hurts them.
3. You change the thought that causes the anger, and you breathe out the charge. By “charge” I mean your reactive energy, that which makes you upset and disturbed.

Emotions are spearheaded by thoughts. You can say calmly, “The thought that makes me angry right now is . . . ”

If you are having trouble with anger, this prayer from Yogananda may be a good mantra for you to use.

May I abandon the anger habit
O Eternal Tranquility!
Save me from attacks of fury fever
That shock my nerves and inflame my brain!

May I abandon the anger habit
That brings unhappiness to me and my companions.
Let me not indulge in fits of selfish vexation
That alienate from me the affection of my loved ones.

May I never invigorate my resentments
By attentively refueling their fires.

O Queen of Quietude!
Whenever I am rage full, place thou before me a chastening mirror in which to see myself made ugly by passion
Let me not appear disfigured before others,
My face wrath-wrecked.

I would solve the difficulties of life through
Thoughts and acts of love, not of hate.
Bless me, that I heal anger hurts in myself
With the salve of self respect,
And anger hurts in others with the balsam of kindness

May I realize, O Spirit,
That even my worst enemy is still my brother,
And that, even as thou lovest me, thou lovest him.

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