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Amethyst Wyldfyre on We Are One in Spirit Podcast

Amethyst Wyldfyre joins LavendarRose on We Are One in Spirit Podcast today. Listeners will receive some helpful gifts by visiting

Amethyst Wyldfyre, the Energy Mastery Coach, is a multidimensional visionary healer, speaker, performer, author, teacher and artist. She specializes in serving highly-influential transformational coach/trainers, speakers, performers, artists and alternative healers to leap fearlessly into their highest level of service to the planet.

She is the originator of the CORE PATH Intensive, a powerful energy journey program for evolving entrepreneurs, which creates a crucible of transformation for her clients to help them achieve greater clarity, cultivate greater openness to Source, reveal hidden gifts and talents, and energize to implement their own mission and purpose in the world.

Ms. Wyldfyre is an initiated shamaness in the Inka Tradition, a Crystalline Ascension Crystal Healer (another of her programs), a naturally ordained Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Therapist, and a published author of several books. In 2008 Ms. Wyldfyre was selected by NH Magazine as one of their Renaissance Women and in 2009 her CD, Divine Union - A Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Journey, was a COVR AWARD finalist in the inner space/meditational/healing category at the International New Age Trade Show in Denver.

Here are some of the topics of discussion and questions she will respond to in part one.
  • What are some of the energetic blocks that conscious entrepreneurs are encountering right now?
  • The importance of a solid energetic “foundation” and what happens when we enter into a business enterprise without one
  • What we can do to correct the blocks, disconnects, and manifestations that result from an incomplete or mis-aligned energy blueprint
  • How does the personal energy field create and interact with the energy of the business?
  • How can energy shifting work benefit an entrepreneur?
  • Let’s talk about money very specifically – what is the “disconnect” in the energy field that would cause someone to be highly spiritually evolved and conscious and still “broke”?
  • The single most important step that Amethyst took in order to facilitate this work for herself and her business
Listen to part one by clicking the arrow in the player below:

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I am one with the Light
The Light flows through me
The Light protects me
The Light cleanses me
The Light heals me

I am one with the Light
I am surrounded by the Light
I am guided by the Light
I am guarded by the Light
I am one with the Light
(used with permission of NEW DAWN ASCENSION 815-483-1141)

The SCORE system spoken about in segment one of this show is part of the CORE Path Intensive that Amethyst offers her clients in which she teaches them how to

S - surface hidden energetic blocks
C - clear the blocks
O - open to receive
R - reveal the next step
E - energize for moving forward


In part two we discuss the following:
  • When is the best time for someone to invest in this work of shifting his energy foundation and solidifying his personal power? 
  • What are some of the tools that you use to help shift a personal or a business energy field? 
  • What happens at the energy level in a group environment when energy shifting work is unfolding? 
  • Information about Amethyst's upcoming 6-figure Speakers Summit and who might benefit from attending.

Click the arrow in the player below to hear part two:

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In part three: using a Native American rattle, Amethyst will take our listeners on a virtual journey within to discover and release blockages that keep them from moving forward in their businesses. Please leave a comment below this post to let us know about the inspiration or vision you received from this essential energy exercise.

Amethyst invites our listeners to apply for a free energy evaluation to see where you are on your journey, where you want to go, and if you are a good fit for her CORE group of entrepreneurs.

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You can visit Amethyst Wyldfyre's Web site for more information.

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