Monday, August 30, 2010

September Guests on We Are One in Spirit Podcast

September promises to be a month of awakening as four fabulous guests share their secrets to spiritual evolution and physical healing.

September 2
Amethyst Wyldfyre joins LavendarRose on We Are One in Spirit Podcast to discuss journeying within to find answers to life's questions. Amethyst is a multidimensional visionary healer, speaker, performer, teacher, artist, and the author of Magical Questions: A Spiral Journey of Spiritual Awakening. She specializes in serving highly influential transformational coach/trainers, speakers, performers, artists and alternative healers to LEAP fearlessly into their highest level of service to the planet. Using a Native American instrument and tradition, she will take our listeners on a shamanic voyage.

September 9
Carl David, the author of Bader Field, will talk about his brother's suicide and how his family coped with this tragedy and gained spiritual insight from Bruce and Pop's spirit visits. Carl David is the third generation of a four-generation family art business in Philadelphia. His book embodies the emotional story of a son's loving relationship with his father—a legendary art dealer whose life is suddenly taken by a massive coronary at the young age of fifty-eight years. Battling with his own grief while trying to help his adoring but fragile mother survive, David forges forward with all of the elemental tools his father imparted to him. His journey proves a difficult one, not having yet recovered from the horrific loss of his brother to suicide just eight years earlier when he was found dead on the fourth floor of the Rittenhouse Square townhouse, which was home to the prestigious David David Gallery.

September 16
LavendarRose will interview guest author Luis Angel Diaz We Are One in Spirit Podcast about his book, Memory in the Cells. Luis is one of the world's foremost authorities on emotional healing. He has been a holistic health practitioner since his early 20s. He began his studies in his homeland of Argentina where he earned degrees in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbology, and shiatsu. Eager to gain new knowledge and skills, he acquired certifications in homeopathy, hypnotherapy, Touch for Health, specialized kinesiology, NLP, EFT, reflexology, and many others.

September 23
Joe Carroccio will share his book, The Law of Distraction and Interruption . . . That's Life, as he is interviewed by LavendarRose. Joe’s skills as an educator, trainer, speaker, author and entertainer inspired him to create, present and make known The Law of Distraction and InterruptionTM.

September 30
Psychic-medium and master healer Harriette Knight will answer questions from listeners who submit prior to the show by leaving a comment below this post or emailing LavendarRose at comcast dot net. Harriette is the author of Chakra Power! and the host of Harriette Knight's Psychic & Healing Hour radio show. Her positive outlook on life and intuitive abilities have helped many people learn how to live a fuller and more purposeful life. She is a motivating speaker who helps to enlighten others about their chakras and how to reclaim their personal power through balance and intuition.

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