Sunday, August 01, 2010

Rock Your World with the Divine Mother

The Prime Creator or Original Spark of Creation is a feminine aspect. Therefore the Divine Mother is Supreme. She is beyond everything. Beyond the Beyond. In India they say that there is nothing higher than worship of the Divine Mother. The great Saint Sri Aurobindo said that surrender to the Divine Mother is the final stage of perfection. When Babaji took Samadhi, the last thing he said is ³I am leaving everything in the hands of the Divine Mother.² When we talk about the Divine Mother we are referring to the Intelligence behind matter. Einstein was tapped into that. The Divine Mother as the Supreme Deity is the source of all knowledge. All the male gurus I admire so much in India know this. It is the secret of their power. We are talking about true power here: Love, Safety and Certainty, not ego power (domination control and anger).

When people surrender to the Divine Mother extraordinary changes take place. When you explore the Goddess energy, you truly value life! The essence of the life force (shakti) cannot be controlled. The Divine Mother as kundalini will clean you out. She is the true release from delusion. With Her, your old personality is replaced by miracle consciousness.

The greater your devotion to her, the faster your progress! It is due to her we can achieve true happiness. It is due to her transcendent nature and personification of intelligence that matter is created. Everything we possess is a gift from the Mother. When we surrender to Her, the intelligence of the whole universe is our teacher. We get the urge to bring forth the inexpressible into manifestation. We remember the ecstasy of being alive! Our bodies can become instruments through which the feminine aspect plays.

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Sondra Ray is the author of this fabulous article on the Divine Mother. I am currently reading her book, Rock Your World with the Divine Mother (ISBN 1-930722-75-3) and plan to have her as a guest on We Are one in Spirit Podcast this fall.

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