Thursday, August 26, 2010

How Animals Help Us on Our Spiritual Path

Today's show has two guests, two hosts, and four segments. Both guests, Barbara Techel and Kate Garvey, are animal lovers who have some interesting and spiritual information to share regarding how animals respond and interact with us in our path to enlightenment and ascension.

INTERVIEW 1: Healing Animals and Animals Healing Us! 
In part one, LavendarRose engages in a discussion with award-winning author and advocate for disabled animals Barbara Techel. They will talk about the spiritual blessing our animal friends bring us as Barbara shares the story of how she and her disabled dachshund, Frankie, are bringing joy to the lives of children, the elderly, and those in hospice centers. Barbara enjoys visiting classrooms in person or virtually via Skype. Frankie has a condition known as intervertebral disc disease (IVDD). Check out her Web site at

Click the small arrow in the player below to hear part 1 of the interview with Barbara Techel and LavendarRose . . .

In the second segment of this interview with Barbara and LavendarRose, you will enjoy a discussion about pet communication in the afterlife as Barbara shares two readings she has had with a pet communicator who is able to tap into the spirit of a Labrador named Cassie Jo that is no longer in body as well as Kylie (still in her furry body), who was feeling a little left out of the limelight. What did Kylie need from her mom? Find out when you click the arrow in the player below to hear segment 2, which is part 2 of the interview with Barbara Techel and LavendarRose . . .

INTERVIEW 2: Sound Healing, Animals, and Nature to Raise Vibration on the Planet

In the second interview on today's show, FireSong interviews Kate Garvey—an animal rights activist and published author who tours the US conducting sound healing workshops. Kate holds a Bachelors in Music Education, is trained in sound healing, Reiki, and shamanic studies. A discussion ensues about how sound heals humans and the planet.

Click the small arrow in the player below to hear segment 3, which is the first half of the interview with Kate.

Part 2 of the interview with Kate will interest those who love animals. Her interest in animal welfare began in childhood at her father's veterinary practice. Kate noticed that by singing to animals they would often calm down. Kate's pet care and animal welfare articles have been read throughout the world.

Click the small arrow in the player below to hear segment 4, which is the second half of the interview with Kate and Firesong . . .

You will find Kate at

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spiritual psychic medium said...

My dog is really helping me for walking on a straight spiritual path. Whenever I used to meditate in my lawn, he sits beside me and also tries to copy me.

Yvonne Perry said...

That is so sweet how he copies you. Animals are such a blessing to our lives! You may like the interview I did with Barbara Techel: