Thursday, August 12, 2010

Finding Your Spiritual Path and Making Your Move Linda Woods

Linda Woods joins LavendarRose today for a discussion about how natural healing can change your life. From herbs, essential oils, food choices, dietary supplements, flower essences, energy work, prayer, and many other modalities that support the body's natural inclination to heal itself, you can actively work with your doctor to create your own optimal health.

Linda and LavendarRose also speak about transitioning from corporate employment to making a living doing what you love and are called to do. You can use your internal spiritual guidance to help you find a path that resonates with you and your divine purpose in life.

Click the arrow below to listen to part 1 in which Linda and LavendarRose tell how they got left a steady job to embark upon their spiritual paths and became teachers, authors, and healers.

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Linda Woods is a former stand-up comic who now spends most of her time sitting down. Having personally experienced over 30 different alternative healing therapies, she is also working on a book about how "natural healing" has changed her life. Former accountant and glorified bean counter, she now finds balance the natural holistic way: using muscle testing and meditation, light therapy and love, flower essences, and feng shui. From creating sanctuaries in your home, to focusing your breath, to healing on an energetic level Linda Woods will discuss ways to KNOW that you ARE good enough and can create whatever you want in your life.

Click the arrow below to hear part 2 and learn how daily meditation aligns a person with their divine destiny and helps bring clear guidance on every aspect of life. Linda also shares how her life has changed as a result of natural healing.

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In our interview we mentioned these items:

A Year to Live by Steven Levine is Linda's radio show.
Rescue Remedy, Bach Flower
Mind Movies

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