Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spiritual Insight Behind the Nashville Flood

More than 9,600 homes in addition to hundreds of businesses, vehicles, and livestock were destroyed when Nashville was flooded this past May. People were evacuated, rescued by boat, stranded where bridges and roadways washed out; and 27 people died. Music City was declared a state of emergency and FEMA was called in to assist. Sounds like a tragedy to me, but in the bigger picture and spiritual scheme of things, is it?

When an area is hit by natural disaster, one of the last things a victim might think of is what might be occurring in the spiritual realm that is being paralleled in the physical realm. My Nashville guest, Tisha Morris, takes us behind the scenes of what most would consider a tragedy in our typical world view, to show us what is happening spiritually in this situation. As in Heaven, so on Earth!

Listen to part 1 . . .

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Tisha is the author of 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home.  In our interview, we discuss and answer questions such as:
  • How can using feng shui help the planet heal and once again become revered as our Mother Earth?
  • How clearing your space and rearranging or rebuilding with new perspective and insight can awaken your spirit and create change within.
  • How natural disasters affect empathic people.
  • What is a "heart opening"?

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Tisha Morris practiced law for ten years and holds a Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design. Her transformational journey from attorney to healer has given her invaluable experience with which to help others find balance and heal their lives. Tisha’s blending of traditional feng shui techniques, interior design aesthetics, and healing energy form a powerful synergy for healing spaces. Not only does the space undergo a transformation, but all those who occupy and encounter the space as well.

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