Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Resisting Change, Resisting the Spirit

Who is it among us that is always resisting change? Whether it be protesting a mosque trying to come into their neighborhood, bombing an abortion clinic, or lobbying congress to prevent gays from marrying, it is the right-wing, conservatists, fundamentalists who support war, fighting, quarreling.

Peace, acceptance, love = Non-resistance to changes
War and fighting = Resistance to spirit

Even the very elect [pious, religious, Pharisee-types] will be deceived. They have only a form of Godliness that forces them to adhere to dogma, doctrine, rules, and regulations in order to be accepted by God, others, and to hold position in the church. Because they live in fear, they try to convert everyone to their ideology, and the ones who do not convert are cast aside as unworthy. I should know. I lived the first forty years of my life blinded by this type of deception.

Freedom comes from knowing the truth--not scripture. The kind of truth I speak of cannot be found in a Bible, sacred text, or pulpit. The truth that will set you free is the truth that is found by going within yourself to find the laws written on your heart. That law is unconditional, infinite LOVE and ONENESS!

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