Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July/ August Podcast Guests

August will be an exciting month on We Are One in Spirit Podcast as the following guests are interviewed:

July 29: Ochani Lele will share the Teachings of the Santeria Gods with podcast host FireSong.

August 5: Schall Adams will be LavendarRose's guest to discuss.

August 12:, Linda Woods will talk about healing gifts of the spirit.

August 19: In a discussion with Randall Hawk, Patrick Ryan shares awakening wisdom and reclaiming your brilliant true self.

August 26: Award-winning author Barbara Techel will talk about the spiritual blessing our animal friends bring us as she shares the story of how she and her disabled dachshund, Frankie, are bringing joy to the lives of children and the elderly. Barbara will be interviewed by LavendarRose; FireSong will interview Kate Garvey—an animal rights activist and published author who tours the US conducting sound healing workshops. Kate holds a Bachelors in Music Education, is trained in sound healing, Reiki, and shamanic studies. Her interest in animal welfare began in childhood at her father's veterinary practice. Kate noticed that by singing to animals they would often calm down. Kate's pet care and animal welfare articles have been read throughout the world.

September 2: Amethyst Wyldfyre will take listeners on a journey within.

September 9:, Carl David will talk about suicide and synchronicity.

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