Friday, July 30, 2010

I've Been Born Again!

What an incredible rebirthing experience I had today with Sondra Ray and Mark Sullivan. I came away feeling cleansed and free with a lightness to my being.

The benefits of rebirthing are very profound. Using a simple, upper chest circular breathing pattern, you can be liberated from negative thoughts that cause tension, pain, symptoms, and disease. I felt myself breathing out mental and emotional blocks, fear, and traumatic incidents from my past. Through rebirthing, you can also let go of addictions, depression, negative patterns in relationships, and even trauma from birth.

I wonder if this is what the Bible refers to as being born again? Until we remove and release the negative domestication from our mind and body, we cannot see the kingdom of heaven clearly within ourselves. These blockages keep us from recognizing our divinity and living as one with our creator.

Already, I have noticed that my mind chatter has quieted, my body feels rested and calm, and I have less appetite. I expect to continue to see breakthroughs and positive results from this clearing process. If you are interested in learning more about rebirthing, I recommend a visit to Sondra's blog or Web site.

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