Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Channeled Writing ~ Angela Thorne

Many people believe that the Bible was inspired by God as Spirit impressed a message upon its writers. Perhaps it was penned through some form of automatic writing. Either way, it could be said that the Bible was channeled through prophetic scribes.

The same spirit that moved the pens and thoughts of those old prophets is still at work today. Books and messages are channeled from a higher source all the time. Some writers call it their muse. My guest today says that her books and messages are channeled from ALL THAT IS (ATI). What or who is ATI? More than a goddess; maybe the creator herself! earn more in my interview with Angela Thorne on We Are One in Spirit Podcast.

Click the arrow to listen to Part 1 of LavendarRose's interview with Angela in which they discuss the following

1. Why use the salutation ATI (All That Is) when addressing people?

2. What does ATI represent/mean?

3. What does it mean to channel a message? Can anyone do this? If so, how?

4. What is the rite of passage spiritually speaking?

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In Part 2 of the show, Angela discusses her new Enlightened Living Program. Find out what messages she has received regarding a shift in consciousness that is occurring throughout the collective consciousness of humanity and learn the role that earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, global warming, and other planetary changes are playing in the spiritual realm.

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Angela’s book will teach you how to find your spiritual rite of passage in her book as you process through the states of consciousness and return to oneness with ALL THAT IS. See for more information about Angela and New Dawn Ascension. Or purchase the book, The Right of Passage, A Book About the Rights of All Spirit Beings, on

Angela Ferreira Thorne was born in Trinidad, West Indies, and now resides in Canada. She started receiving communications from ALL THAT IS in 1995. As a result of this connection, she began sharing channeled messages to individuals, as well as to groups through sacred gatherings, seminars, and workshops. Personal messages from ALL THAT IS, and participation in various healing modalities, allowed Angela to accomplish much self-healing which assisted her in remembering numerous truths that had previously been forgotten. In addition to The Right of Passage, A Book About The Rights Of All Spirit Beings, many of the teachings and messages received from ALL THAT IS have been compiled into books for sharing. These are: Infinite Wisdom, Book I, and Infinite Love, Book II. Book III will be available shortly. Angela is Co-founder and Spiritual Facilitator of the New Dawn School of Enlightenment, a Chapter of the New Dawn Ascension Foundation.

Angela now offers spiritual guidance and support to students interested in further developing their connection to ALL THAT IS. In person and long distance sessions available, audio file mailed upon request. To book a private consultation please call 1-773-831-4496 or e-mail:

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