Thursday, July 22, 2010

7 Mindsets to Master Self-Awareness

I finally found a book that thoroughly explains the chakras and their corresponding crystals! Elizabeth Diamond's new book, 7 Mindsets to Master Self-Awareness, guides you to awaken an inner awareness to the creative effects of thought and feeling on your physical existence. As you may currently know, you hold the potential to design a destiny that is shaped to your unique talents and passions in life. The process of activating self- awareness empowers the journey that is your life. There are always deeper levels of the self to be explored and ever expanding heights to be reached.

This book will help you to shift your awareness to focus on all the things in your life that are truly important to you. The mindsets revealed create a strong foundation for sustaining a lasting sense of happiness, inner peace and well-being. Do not leave the events of your life up to mere chance and circumstance anymore! Step into the unlimited creative potential of your soul and learn how to deliberately shape a life that is a direct result of your clear and purposeful intent. Creating authentic states of sustainable joy and freedom is within your reach in this very moment. The key is to keep your awareness and attention on what feels best and really matters to you.

There are seven different mindsets outlined in this book. The intention of each mindset is to activate its corresponding energy center in the body otherwise known as a chakra. Each chapter contains insight into the nature of the mindset and chakra being awakened, positive affirmations, and a recommended crystal with an in-depth description of how it can support and enhance your personal journey of self-discovery. As you learn how to master each mindset, you will open to a greater sense of self-awareness. The entire progression guides you to move into alignment with your personal source of inner wisdom. Once connected, you will gain access to a deeper understanding of the infinite essence of the divine intelligence that flows through you and everything in this universe.

If you are ready to step into your magnificence, ignite a strong belief in yourself, and discover the essence of the true authentic you, then I ask you to join us today in the celebration of Elizabeth's new book.

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