Saturday, June 26, 2010

Seeking to Save the Lost: Who ARE the Lost?

The lost, which Jesus came to seek and save, are those who have forgotten they are one with God and have chosen to live as though they (and others) are separate from this creative spirit essence in which we live, move, and have our being.

This limited and fear-based mindset is what Bishop Pearson refers to as "exclusivity" or the "us and them" syndrome. One reason I wanted to start this blog and podcast is to show that we are in no way (other than through our faulty thinking) separate from the life force that created us. We are all divine. We are like a pieces of a hologram; broken from the big picture yet having the exact image or DNA of God/Source. In my life by example and teaching, I want to portray "inclusiveness" that reveals how no one on this planet is lost or going to a literal place called heaven or hell. The only heaven or hell we will ever experience is that which we create in our minds and through our beliefs.

The religious, legalistic (neoconservatives, fundamentalists) folks who seek to either condemn or convert the lifestyle of others are the Pharisees that Jesus rebuked many times over in the Bible. These Pharisees—suicide bombers, right-wing evangelistic lobbyists, those who picket abortion clinics in the name of their god—are against anything and anyone that doesn't believe their doctrine or conform to their moral expectations.  These religious people are still following man-made laws, dogma, and doctrine that preaches doom and destruction rather than peace and acceptance--totally against the teaching of Jesus. They are lost souls.They need only to be saved from their own ideology.

If God is love, then why all the violence, wars, and resistance? That's no way to reconnect with God. It only reinforces the sad lie that humankind is somehow separate from our Creative Source.

When the light (illumination, Christ consciousness) comes, darkness (cloudy, separatist thinking) will fade away. Therefore, I send love and light to all "lost" souls who have made god out to be a punishing deity according to their own human image and have forgotten that they were made in the image of the great Light.

We are spirit having a human experience. We are one in spirit.

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