Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Podcast Guest Reverend Cherise Thorne

What if the Bible and religious theology were never intended to prove the existence of God or to validate what Jesus said? What if they were simply meant to show us a part of God so we could consider the Divine within us?

Scripture was recorded as wise men (mediums/astrologers) and prophets (seers) made themselves available as spiritual channels to receive information from a higher dimension. This method of inspired writing did not stop just because the Bible was considered complete and sent to press. Every book, song, poem, article, or blog post ever written is inspired by the breath and spirit of God/Goddess within us.

So, when I tell you that my guest on We Are One in Spirit Podcast this Friday (June 25) is a gifted healer and intuitive counselor, who channels divine universal energy to offer the Blessing of Liberation and healing through the Infinite Goddess (ALL THAT IS), you may not fully understand what that means. Her messages come directly from the Divine Mother—the primordial energy that was before consciousness or awareness (God) existed.

Reverend Cherise Thorne is one of the most spiritually evolved souls I have ever met. She is the co-founder of New Dawn Ascension Foundation and The New Dawn School of Enlightenment established to facilitate the spiritual evolution of all peoples drawn to the teachings of healing and unity of ALL THAT IS.

Cherise and I have been friends since 2006 when I edited her first channeled book, The Blessing of Liberation: Path of Cleansing Karma. I began using the techniques outlined to resolve karma and bring healing to my soul. The next year, I edited her second book, Knowing Spirit--Through Healing Your Soul.That text opened my eyes to a brand new way of thinking—one that truly has led to blessing and freedom. I still use Cherise's exercises in my meditation such as these:


I am one with the Light
The Light flows through me
The Light protects me
The Light cleanses me
The Light heals me

I am one with the Light
I am surrounded by the Light
I am guided by the Light
I am guarded by the Light
I am one with the Light


I send Love to every one.
I send Love to every thing.
I send Love to ALL,
Because I AM LOVE.

The Light of Love that I am Blesses all.
The Love that I am Heals all.

And It Is So. And It Is So. And It Is So.

Since the publishing of those two books, Cherise and her mother Angela Thorne (she will be on our podcast in a few weeks) co-founded the Divine Mother School of Enlightenment to continue sharing the channeled messages from ALL THAT IS world wide and The Temple of Knowing Spirit, an interfaith spiritual center located near Chicago, where she offers healing and leads workshops, seminars, and retreats.

In part 3 of our discussion Cherise shares her four spiritual study programs: Enlightened Living, Self-Realization, Ascension, and Self-Awareness.

Along with clinical hypnotherapy and crisis intervention counseling, Rev. Thorne has studied many healing arts: ancient Goddess wisdom and divination, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, shamanic healing, cranial-sacral therapy, Healing Touch, astrology, Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Magnified Healing, and Zen Shiatsu massage therapy.  She is a member of the Chicago Healers Network and offers weekly radio shows, sacred gatherings and meditations, the Blessings of Liberation, astrological counseling, and spiritual guidance, classes and daily messages. To book a private consultation please call 1-773-831-4496 or e-mail knowingspirit@gmail.com.

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