Friday, March 02, 2012

Awakened Wisdom Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan is the author of Awakened Wisdom A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance.

I interviewed Patrick on Writers in the Sky Podcast as he discussed the importance of dreaming, that is to have dreams for your life; the difference between our Divine Essence and Distorted Self; the three intelligences that humans have and how we can access them; what is the Wisdom Field and how we can use it to live an awakened life.

In his book, which I am now reading, Patrick suggests that there are eight states of an awakened life. A Good State of Intention; Words; Being; Purpose; Effort; Practice; Doing; Understanding. In the coming days, I will share what I am learning from Patrick's book and what are Awakened Wisdom’s gifts to life, personal and spiritual development, relationships, and inner freedom. I believe everyone can benefit from the teachings in Patrick's book and I hope you will read it.

Patrick Ryan is an executive coach, leadership trainer, author, and founder of Awakened Wisdom Experiences™ Inc. Ryan died from a drug overdose in his late teens, only to be revived with a new understanding of the Divine. He went on to be a successful entrepreneur, a Buddhist monk in Burma, and now an executive coach, trainer, and author. As a former Buddhist monk in Burma (now Myanmar), he practiced the path of awakened living, according to Buddhist philosophy. Patrick works with executives and entrepreneurs, focusing on questions of personal effectiveness and leadership. He powerfully integrates his rich life experiences with ancient teachings and modern applications to help deepen his clients’ understandings of their own experiences.

Awakened Wisdom blends Buddhist, Native, and collected wisdoms into a beautifully crafted healing message for our modern culture. Patrick Ryan’s own life experiences greatly inform this work, and his message to his readers is simple and profound: we are at choice when it comes to how we want to live our lives during our brief time on this planet. In addition to sage teachings about ways of understanding our Selves, he also dedicates an entire half of the book to understanding and embodying the eight states of an awakened life. With exercises, daily practices, and plenty of anecdotes, Awakened Wisdom is sure to resonate with spiritual newcomers and advanced practitioners alike.

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