Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Musing

Sitting in my pool with the cool water refreshing my body, I gaze up into the warm sunshine. The sun seems to be perched atop the mighty oak tree that spans across my entire backyard. Within minutes, clouds come to devour the rays and soon I am left to feel a chill. That's alright, it was nice while it lasted.
Have you ever noticed moments in your life like this? Not necessarily the same one but an experience that ended prior to your expectations. We all tend to have expectations at some point or another. The trouble arises when you are attached to the outcome. You might question, why did this happen or why can't I just have something go my way for once?
We are usually so tied to the outcome of an experience that we seldom enjoy the process of having it. Each moment we have is divinely connected to the previous and next experience we have. Some of these we create consciously, others are influenced by our environment. We often don't have total control over our surroundings. Whether we are at work, at home, with friends or family or out shopping or any where else. The only place you can control your environment is in your mind. But in our minds is where we make assumptions.
Consider this; everyone in this world makes assumptions. When we make assumptions we take things personnally and this becomes emotional poision. Don Miguel Ruiz states in his Four Agreements that all the sadness and drama in the world comes from us making assumptions and therefore taking things personnaly. If I had made the assumption that when I got home from work I was going to sit in the pool and relax with the sunshine warming me I would have, of course, made a wrong assumption. I might have become purturbed, disappointed and frustrated. But by not having any preconceived outcome I was simply able to enjoy the moment, then without any attachment move into the next moment. As it turned out, my next moment was to enjoy a delicious meal my wife had prepared.
Try living without expectations. Go with the natural flow the universe has for you and enjoy each moment as it happens. Always give thanks!

Randall Hawk

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Yvonne Perry said...

Thanks for the perspective to help me realign my thinking.