Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Metaphysical Musing

“I closed my eyes, only for a moment, now the moments gone.”

From the jukebox of my mind comes the lyrical line from “Dust In the Wind” by Kansas. Metaphysically speaking it still exist, as does this moment and all those that came before and those yet to occur. Moments like these seem hard to come by. Have I lost you yet, or are you still in the moment?

If you wish to continue on this “Metaphysical Musing” please be patient and live in the moment. I am.

Now take a few cleansing breaths and observe your surroundings. Chances are, your reading this on a computer. There are myriad descriptions of others environments and it would take me out of my moment thinking about them.

So, as I sit in the shade of my pergola, over looking my mandala garden, listening to the water fountain trickle into the pond, and the birds singing, I am at peace. I am in the moment.

Now, take notice of your surroundings and find something pleasant.

Take a few more deep breaths and feel the calmness.

You are creating this moment. Nice.

Keep breathing, and keep appreciating your surroundings.

Thank yourself, and all of creation for giving you this opportunity to just BE.

Close your eyes, keep breathing and feel the energy move through and around your body.

Warm, calming, peaceful, you notice there is little difference between you and your surroundings.

You feel more and more at one with that which you were already apart of. In this moment, you are creation.

Keep breathing, it is so pleasant you are smiling to yourself.

It’s nice to have moments like this. Stay as long as you like.

Randall Hawk

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