Monday, June 01, 2009

Garden of the Soul Lessons from Four Flowers that Unearth the Self

Lynn Serafinn’s Garden of the Soul Lessons from Four Flowers that Unearth the Self is excellent. The video is narrated by the author, with stunning photography by Bruce Morse and compelling electro soundtrack by Overlords of the UFO (one of the author's former bands).

The Garden of the Soul is a substantial 404-page work comprised primarily of narrative stories. Each section of the book begins with a poem or "song" sung by one of the four flowers.

This song is called "Song of the Rose: Maysong." The Rose is the teacher of the "Principle of Giving," which encompasses attributes such as passion, self-expression, boldness, and life purpose. The Song of the Rose gives you a glimpse into the sensual undertones of the teachings of the Rose, who later takes the author on a journey through the stories of her own life, to explore her own connection to the many colours of passion, from the sacred to the profane. Set to an uplifting instrumental soundscape by London-based band Bleep Test, and illustrated with brilliantly captivating nature photography by Sheila Finkelstein, Lynn's uniquely lyrical and rhythmic approach to reciting poetry evokes an understanding within the listener that goes far beyond the mere meanings of the words.

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