Thursday, June 18, 2009

5 Ways to Empower your Child

by Robin Marvel

There is no greater opportunity than raising an empowered child. An empowered child displays great strength and knowledge. With a vibrational shift taking place on our planet we as adults have the responsibility to encourage growth and empowerment within our youth. Empowering a youth allows them the opportunity to live a life of personal strength and gratitude. We are all creators molding our energy, no matter our age. Here are some steps to encourage empowerment in your child.

1. Respect their individuality: All beings are walking their own path of awareness including your children. Taking the time to allow them to be themselves will allow strength

2. Encourage their Knowledge: Empowered children love to learn. Allow your child to explore the vast realm of knowledge out there.

3. Honor your truth: You are an example for your child. Your child will see and know if you are honoring you personal truth

4. Practice Unconditional Love: Show your child there is so much love in the world to give and receive. Teach them to love themselves and others without limits

5. Live in Gratitude: A person living in gratitude is a person living without limits. Living in gratitude dissipates all fear.

These are just a few ways you can encourage empowerment within your child. Our children are forming the future. Take the time to open their eyes to the bigger picture of life.

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