Saturday, May 23, 2009

Things Are Shifting Around Here

The relationship I have with my fundamentalist Christian brother is changing-- one way or another. Things will never be the same after our dialog last night. I hope the change will be for the better and that he will accept me for who I am now, rather than for the person I was and he thinks I still should be. I just couldn't continue to live with the insanity of being inauthentic.

For years, I had been tolerating his emails that bashed others who do not believe as he does. I had already asked him not to send these judgmental emails, but he did it again yesterday, perhaps just to test me. But probably because the Universe is ready fro me to take a stand. I finally had enough of letting him think that I believe as he does, so I shared my heart with him about why I don't. He may never speak to me again. This could have repercussions in the way the rest of my family relates to me. I don't know how far reaching the impact will be, but at least I can live in integrity.

The thing that makes people so beautiful is their diversity, whether that be in looks, culture, beliefs, sexual orientation, personality, ethnicity, or whatever. My brother and I both have a lesson to learn. For me, I don't always have to hide my true self and tolerate the intolerance of others. There are times when I can be silent and allow others to enjoy their freedom of speech, but there are also times when I need to speak up and let people know that I will not tolerate their judgement while in my presence--even if it is in an email. What's the lesson for him? Perhaps he needs to understand that we are all one in Spirit regardless of our differences.

What do you think? Would you have continued to ignore and delete his emails, or would you have stood up for your right to believe as you do?


Autumn Heartsong said...

I like to think I would have done just as you have. My family is aware of my beliefs, though they vary greatly from most of their own beliefs. I feared more repercussion than I received from them. Perhaps your brother will rise to the occasion and respond with the love his fundamentalist Christian path is based on. My thoughts and positive energy are with you in your efforts to be your beautiful, loving, authentic self.



Yvonne Perry said...

You're such a blessing, Heartsong. My brother hasn't responded, and that's okay. I"m not attached to the outcome. I keep my heart open and allow him to make his own decisions. He probably doesn't know what to say or how to react after finding out how different we really are. May love prevail!