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Expanding Your Power

Everyone speaks about consciousness. But what is it? The best way, I believe, to define consciousness is: an inner awareness that is an ageless, powerful and eternal, representative of our higher selves, which reminds us of our God selves.

Our goal is to expand our power and consciousness and have it affect our human experience. When you have a local perception of something, you “know” that it is here or there because you see it, hear it, taste it, touch it or smell it. But there is also a non-localized perception that is beyond time, space and physically perception or reality. We have spiritual awareness that is never separate from us that reminds us we are never separate from God. God is always with us, and "in” us and in fact “is” us. We are capable of perceiving this eternal connection with the Unseen through our spiritual senses.

Consciousness is energy which can be expanded by individuals, including you! Shakespeare said, “All things be ready if the mind be so.” If your mind is ready and your spirit is open to receive, all you have to do is speak the word. When your mind and heart believe in something, then whatever you think to yourself and what you say aloud becomes your outward reality. The speed at which your desire or prayer manifests depends upon the fuel you give it. If you are not ready for a particular experience that you have asked for, you may have to nurture it with prayer and meditation. It then becomes a formula, which needs to be repeated daily and freely in a loving, joyous manner.

The process of enlightenment will increase your spiritual awareness and power and help you maintain spiritual, mental, and physical balance. During ritual or meditation, you will be releasing stress and toxins, building self-esteem and confidence, and lowering your blood pressure. You will protect yourself from psychic attack and people will respond accordingly, including those who have no physical body. In this chapter you will learn more about conscious awareness and psychic abilities.

Expanding Consciousness Exercise

Let’s do an exercise in expanding consciousness. You may want to record this on tape and play it each night at the same time. Having a set time to do your ritual will create a sacred space for evolving spiritually to the next level. By repeating them in this way and keeping a meditation journal, your experience will deepen and you will later realize how profound your experience truly was. Tape record the following:

“Relax. I take a deep breath in through my nose, holding it, counting backwards to five—four—three—two—one. As I exhale the energy out of my mouth very slowly in a stream of air, I relax my neck, back, shoulders, chest, stomach, arms, forearms, fingers, buttocks, thighs, legs and toes—I release all energy from the day which may have caused me stress. Again, as I breathe in deeply and hold my breath, I release it backwards on the count of five—four—three—two—one, repeating the process of letting go and relaxing each part of my body—my neck, back, shoulders, chest, stomach, arms, forearms, fingers, buttocks, thighs, legs and toes. I totally let go of tension. I will imagine in this space that a beautiful, white Light as radiant as white sunlight with the feeling of electric white milk, blankets my entire body; tingling, vibrating and protecting me and shielding me with comfort and against outside forces. This energy of white Light shields me with a mother’s love. As I take another deep breath, I see a very still, blue sky without a cloud in it. I am now on the white sands of a beach where a cruise ship floats in the distance as I relax in the sun’s rays of warmth as it tingles my body in the beach chair where I sit. My breathing is normal and I am aware of the relaxing feeling I am having. As I slowly get up from my chair, I feel the warm sand under my feet, I walk toward the water. As I look down into the incredible blue aquamarine colors, I see a school of multi-colored, exotic fish playing and swimming, having fun. In the immediate distance, I see a man whose face is not clearly defined. He is bright in appearance, almost luminous. I also sense a tremendous amount of love from him. He instructs me with his mind, to use my index finger and write the first names of any person who needs forgiveness from me, in the sand. As I write the name, or names of these people, he smiles at me. As I look down at the names in the sand, he stretches his hand toward the ocean and a beautiful wave comes in washing away the names, leaving only white foam from the water and it too, recedes to the ocean. He lets me know mentally that everything is forgiven of all parties involved, as the names go into the watery grave of the ocean’s forgiving depths of love and eternity. As I look up to thank him, he hugs me and I am filled with compassion. I relax my body, and awaken refreshed with a renewed sense of power and love from this consciousness expansion and forgiveness exercise.”

Now take out your journal. What did you think about the exercise? Did you have any sensations, or did you stay in a restful, sleepy state? Did you fall asleep? Whatever your experience, write it down here. ________________________________________________________________

When you learn to do this often and more vividly, seeing the pictures as real, you are on your way and your path is carved to experiencing miracles in your life—literally! Some students in my class, when counting backwards, felt peaceful, but some felt a sense of falling backwards, or going down. Some students clearly pictured the sand, the beach, the ocean and the fish. Others felt that the figure of the man who appeared on the beach was either a spirit guide, an angel or Jesus. These energies are just as real as we are! Some students felt nothing except “safety.” No matter how advanced you are in your abilities, you may “sense” or “feel” things or even “hear” ocean waves. Every gift is different. When you “see” in your mind’s eye the details with clarity, it signals that you are on your way. Keep practicing and never give up!

Remember to always approach your meditation with a positive attitude, and enter the kingdom of God with thanksgiving. If you need peripheral devices such as incense, or to burn small pieces of sage to clear the room of negative energy, do so. You may use an oil burner to emit wonderful fragrances such as lavender and patchouli oil to get into the “mood” of ritual or meditation. The number-one emotion to take to the inner sanctum is love. When you do, even those who may have felt sick will walk into your sacred space and feel better. Try it. It will give the body a boost and help the immune system by producing healing body chemicals!

Out-of-Body Experience

In order to become enlightened, you must build the qualities and characteristics necessary to allow your mystical abilities to become a part of your life. Your spiritual and psychic gifts are beginning to emerge and you may have some terrific spiritual encounters during your meditation, ritual, prayer or dream time. My students know that they travel out of their bodies to the higher dimensions to receive information and assistance. I explain to them that when they are in a deep state of sleep, they unconsciously leave the body and travel to the higher dimensions where the answers to life’s problems will be given in symbols and dreams. You may discover answers to the most perplexing problems in the higher realms. Most people do this when they sleep. For that reason, you should always keep a dream journal next to your bed, because the pattern formed will reveal valuable information to you. This experience of soul travel is commonly referred to as astral travel or an out-of-body experience (OBE). While your spirit is traveling back and forth between the higher dimensions and the third dimension, your heart rate, respiration, perspiration, circulation and other bodily functions continue to work in Divine order. OBE and astral travel can be learned and facilitated consciously during meditation for the purpose of tuning in to your enlightened higher self, angels, guides and other light beings.

Let’s look at the communication dynamic happening between the physical, mental, spiritual, astral and even higher realms. Your present level of thinking is invisible in the physical realm, but it forms a vibration in the higher dimensions. Which means, in simple terms, a seed is planted. If nurtured by faith and continuous focus, the seed will grow and begin to form an experience in the physical realm. The Presence of God is right where you are. All the qualities and aspects of God and Goddess, or male and female energy of God, are inside of you and deeply buried in your subconscious mind. God’s thoughts come from the higher dimensions and make an impression or vibration on the unconscious mind. This is also a seed planted in your conscious mind. It may be a new idea, concept, a dream or wish. It is up to you to decide what action you will take to manifest it in the three-dimensional form. You will need to nurture the new desire and take spirit-guided action. Sowing and reaping takes over from there. Whatever you sow, you will reap. If you think good or positive thoughts, then your actions and manifestations will be positive. The opposite is also true.

There is a statement in the Book of Proverbs, twenty-third chapter, and seventh verse: “For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” What do you think about all day? What do you say to yourself and others? Your enlightenment comes when you realize that you have no control over other people, but you have control over how you respond to other people. If you judge them, even in gossip, you judge God who made them and God who is in them. Remember, your thinking is the highest form or prayer and it is making an impression in the higher realms. This is where affirmation and mantras are beneficial.

After you have centered yourself and quietly selected your sacred space where you will not be disturbed, burn a white candle or uplifting, fragrant incense. Then say aloud and repeat to yourself:


You may not believe this mantra, but say it until it is ingrained in your consciousness before falling asleep. When you awaken, notice different vibrations and a sense of newness and serenity in your room. Do this each night. Remember, when working with candles, never leave them burning unattended. Feel the presence in the room.

When you are on the road to enlightenment, your faith is placed in your Higher Self. When you become enlightened, you view the world differently. For example, should you have a friend who is fatally hit by a car or a family member who has a heart attack or cancer, you will respond differently than others who may say, “How could God let this happen?” Or, “She was such a religious person, how could God let her die?” You will understand that God is not responsible for anyone’s demise or destruction. That does not give us a reason to be unsympathetic or to withhold compassion. On the contrary, it is an excellent time to show and BE the love that you know you are. You will simply realize that whatever happened did so because the person affected chose the experience at some level. Every person has the capacity to choose or direct his or her life by his or her own free will. Your thinking makes you happy, sad, well, or sick. This has been proven. You will not feel possessive or have a sense of ownership for someone else or their life. You do not own a person. Even your own children are “on loan” to you from God to learn their own lessons of success, failure, growth, surrender, and love—love being the most powerful. It becomes easier to release someone when you become enlightened.

When you realize that God is always God no matter what—and you claim God as the Source and validity of who you are, you “add life to your being” as well as “years and health to your life.” It is your responsibility to “tune in” to the frequency of God in you. You are not a robot, but a spirit expressing yourself in human form. You were born as a beautiful spirit—a unit of awareness or consciousness with the ability to choose. What will you choose today?

My mother used to always say, “God is no respecter of persons.” This statement comes from the Bible. I know that this is true. I also heard another New Testament statement over and over. Whenever I was challenged in my faith and reported this to my parents, they retorted, “It rains on the just and the unjust.” In other words, everybody has the ability to mentally make choices, and good as well as bad things happen to “good” people. However, when you realize that God is represented as YOU—a unique unit of awareness with the “image” and “likeness” of God—then comes your enlightenment. God never changes. You can put money on that! You have to know that you can change by the power of your mind, soul and spirit. Nothing controls you or your life but you. Place your confidence and your faith in the Presence of God inside of you. Christ said the Kingdom of God is within you. People can usually tell when you have made that connection. They subconsciously realize your intent, which cannot be faked. When you align with God in a sincere way, it will shine through your body, and the power and laws of attraction will draw people to you. You are working your enlightened magic from the inside out!

Renowned speaker, author, intuitive and soul coach for the 21st century, Reggie Johnson helps people integrate their spiritual energy into their daily lives. Reggie is motivational and dynamic. His spiritual coaching sessions are richly intuitive and you leave with a new sense of purpose of your soul’s mission and the tools to tap into your own God-given power. You are reminded that the answers are within. You gain a dynamic, passionate vision for your future and your life.

Reggie is the author of The Awakening: Conquering the Sleeping Giant Within ( He is also founder of the WOW Fest.

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