Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Benefits of Meditation

It requires focus and discipline to consistently practice meditation, prayer or ritual but the practice will assist you tremendously in your spiritual development. You are expanding ethereal, sacred energy and this becomes your power base. Focusing on expanding your consciousness through the process of meditation, and specifically focusing on each part of your body through guided meditation, helps to improve the circulatory system, effectively lowers blood pressure, decreases the heart rate and gives you a calmer outlook on life. You become more patient, while supercharging the immune system. You have mind-control over your body, especially where pain is concerned. You become more aware of your own healing nature. When you focus on your emotional self, you have a deeper meaning in your relationships with others and an "inner peace" that is beyond human description.

With meditation, you feel more motivated in your quest for spiritual development. Meditation increases your psychic awareness. Creativity, perceptual ability and clarity are increased tremendously. You feel closer to God in meditation. Once you get this connection, it is an amazing experience. A feeling of total joy and elation happens.

A doctor friend of mine once told me, "Whatever happens to you in this life is not important, but how you deal with it is." Meditation will help you "deal with life" on this physical plane. When I am feeling out-of-sorts, I can take ten to fifteen minutes and feel revitalized. This practice helps me reconnect to my Higher Self, discharge the negative energy and download a better attitude. Even if meditation doesn't bring a total clearing of emotions, I can at least see them as transitory or as if they are happening apart from me. I can become the observer of my own thoughts and feelings and feel less attached to them.

Now we know that consciousness is energy and that it is more powerful than electricity or atomic energy. It is the energy that creates life, goes beyond physical death and contacts those who have crossed over. This is the consciousness that can affect another person's consciousness beyond the physical earth-bound limits of time and space. You are a unit of God consciousness and therefore possess God consciousness. Mystics, psychics, occultists, spiritual advisors, and ancient seers from the past have always astounded us with their ability, and so can you. You can make miracles happen in your life on purpose. You were born to enlighten others and improve the quality of life on earth, for others as well as yourself.

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Autumn Heartsong said...

"You can make miracles happen in your life on purpose. You were born to enlighten others and improve the quality of life on earth, for others as well as yourself."

I love that statement! It's so true, and we forget it so often. Our western culture has grown to view meditation as a distinctly eastern practice and to view it with cynicism and doubt, if not outright disdain. But we were born with the ability to reach our higher conciousness, to use it to improve our lives and the lives of those around us. What a beautiful gift!

Thanks for a great post and reminder. Blessings!