Monday, December 15, 2008

Love - Practicing ONEness With All

What the world needs now is Love!

It has been said that I am too emotional; too sensitive. Well, I AM enthusiastic and passionate about my life, and I do not believe that using my emotions is a weakness as long as I am controlling my emotions rather than having them control me.

What is an emotion anyway? E-motion = Energy in motion.

God is Love.

Love is energy.

Love is an emotion.

The action of showing love is energy in motion.

Who needs love? Everyone does. No one likes to be rejected, hated, or the victim of gossip but, most people crave love and will respond positively to an act of kindness.

Why do we have wars, violence, and terrorism all around us? Could it be because we see ourselves as separate from our Creator and from one another? Many times we feel a need to help God punish sinners because we feel that all humans are evil at the core and deserve to be punished. We see one another and ourselves as being separate from God rather than recognizing the Divine in each person.

We live up to the perspective we have of ourselves, and project that view onto others. Just imagine what a different world it would be if everyone was taught from birth to believe that everyone is ultimately good.

God is not somewhere out there, accessible only to those who believe a certain way. We have the Perfect Source of Love within us and it's time we start recognizing one another as spirit beings having a human experience. Mother Teresa said the only way she could love destitute people was to see Christ in each one!

Consider these thoughts from the Bible:

• God or energy is omni-present and is therefore in everything and everyone at all times--even in our enemies!

• Psalmist David said, "Where may I go from God's presence? Even if I make my bed in hell, You are there!"

• In God, we live and move and have our being. Without the Creative Source, there is no life.

• We are many members of one body. Even the "unseemly" parts are a part of the body.

What we see today is a product of yesterday's thinking. We have made a mistake in choosing separateness over oneness. A mistake can be corrected. Today, we have wars and violence as a result of sowing fearful, hate-filled, and violent thoughts in the past. If we change our thinking and begin to respond in love now, we will reap peace tomorrow.

Our only enemy is our own attitudes, judgments, and desire to detach from the Divine Essence within us. Some may call this "New Age Polyanna" type of thinking . I call it a return to ONEness.

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Here to Help said...

Right On Yvonne,

The only difference between people is the beliefs they hold. When the day comes that each of us recognize that we are all connected through spirit war will end.

Beyond ideals of right and wrong doing there is a field, I will meet you there.... Rumi