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Keeping Writers Healthy: Spiritual Health

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By Mindy Phillips Lawrence

Spirituality comes in many flavors. Unless we are a professed atheist (and some writers are), we have some sort of spiritual life. This life can greatly influence our writing and our health. Doctors tell us that those who go to church, synagogue or other religious gatherings on a consistent basis tend to live longer. Perhaps that is because the spiritual dimension helps us deal with stress, loss and the uncertainty that daily life brings.

When I think of spirituality, I often think of something besides a particular religious group. Many people who do not believe in a particular organized religion still classify themselves as spiritual. They see this as something far broader than beliefs which can sometimes become warring factions.

Writers need to dig down into what they consider the spiritual to balance the insanity of the creative world. Also, spirituality can be a powerful backdrop for stories.

Below you will find links to some of the world’s major religions. The last few links are on meditation, which is part of many religious practices.

If you do not have a spiritual life, I gently suggest that you think about having one of your own choosing. It will enrich and enhance you creative abilities and your life in general.







Meditation - Living/Meditation/index.aspx

Brights: A Naturalist World View
http://the -

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Mindy Phillips Lawrence is the author of the poetry collections One Blue Star and Above and Below. She is co - author of The Complete Writer and a publicist and literary agent. She is in the process of researching a novel titled Alone is Where We Begin. Blogging at:

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