Sunday, November 02, 2008

Why Was the Bible Written - Was it an Ethics Book For the Masses?

The other day two atheists were discussing the bible and trying to reason why anyone would write something like that, or in this case many different people conspiring together I believe is how they put it. So, they pondered the questions:

Why Was the Bible Written?

Was it an Ethics Book for the Masses?

Then one started out their dialogue; I see the Bible as a work of gentleman who came before us, lived their lives and wrote down, how best to live and get along, using a story thus, getting the most out of your life and allowing others to do the same. Western Culture has had success with getting everyone on the same page and agreeing to simple terms that allow a fruitful and productive society.

The other recanted that in Babylonian times, there were writings of lawlessness that was tearing apart the society. So perhaps religion has assisted in curtailing it a bit. Still today it seems somewhat problematic, as like with all things it is used as a control mechanism by men for men, not for the betterment of all or for all concerned. Such a book or informational manual of how best to live a life should solve challenges of society for leaders and individuals, religion at this scale of population falls short in my observation?

Eventually one of them asked; Have you read "Collapse" or "Cows, Pigs, War and Witches" very interesting commentary. And the other recommended a couple of Jared Diamond's books, interestingly enough, I had already read all three and so I just smiled as I overheard their conversation recently at my local Starbucks. I hope you enjoyed this article.

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