Sunday, November 16, 2008

We Are All One

Dear Loved Ones,

Great magnificent day and life to you all. You are truly a wonderful being in every way.

I love you. I love you. I love you. Soul loving you. Soul appreciating you. Soul accepting you. As we are all one.

Please take a few moments to practice praying and blessing the planet earth as we are all one rejoicing together in this form.

Tools for life.

We Are All One

We are all one. How can this be? I look different from all of you and you look different from me and all.

How can this be? You sound different from me and I sound different from you and all.

How can this be? You walk a different path that you have chosen for yourself and I and all walk a different path, for we have chosen for ourselves.

How can this be? You are so worldly and I have not seen the world and neither has he or she.

How can this be? You have a degree in this and that and I am merely in this world as a child of the Universe answering my calling and so is he and she.

How can this be? For this person is not very kind. In fact this person is an abusive and ignorant person.

How can this be? For this person is lazy and illiterate.

How can this be? For we are all different in more ways than one.

Yes. We are all different in form but how different are we in our True God Consciousness? And the question is, Is our True Self aligned with us? Or are we aligned with our True Selves?

Some may say I have no clue as to what you are talking about. And for sure this is understandable. And Now the time has come to understand all this from a different means of understanding which is NOT intellectual and not factual. The intention here is to connect to our hearts and Spirits to get the full message.

So NOW I invite you to bring your attention to your heart center, allowing your heart to be open
to this Insight of Oneness. Our hearts, being the seat of our Souls or Spirits, are One in vibration.

One vibration of open and honest communication to ourselves and to others.

Our personalities do not reside within our Universal hearts. Our Universal heart is one with our
Soul’s heart and our Spirit’s heart. Universal Oneness is spoken here in true understanding of
Care, Compassion and Creation.

My heart center, your heart center and all of our heart centers are all of One Divine Center of Love. Therefore in this center of Divine Love, one manifests as the true understanding of Oneness, for we are all one. In this Oneness unfolds the many aspects of our true nature, our
True Self being free of all pretences, facades, masks and fears of judgment.

I invite all of us to awaken to want to be more of our Oneness within ourselves and others. In this state of awakened truth we shall live happily inside of our own hearts and live happily in this state of Unified Oneness.

Inside all of us there is this longing to be complete within and without. Our Soul brothers and

Sisters are Right beside of us. All we have to do is open up and allow our Divine Presence to

Inspire others to open up to their Divine Presence.

Fulfillment inside and out. Everyone is deserving. Some of us know it and some of us don't. Let us praise all human beings into Right Action and Right Thought to Create an open space of free flowing energy all the way around.

With Gratitude for your willingness to prosper through your own consciousness so wise and so available. Know that you are not alone. This Universe of Oneness is in total support of you and all. Included in this Universal of Oneness is Unconditional and FREE Divine Love.

FREE Divine Love. Don't miss your chance eternally to connect to the Divine Love ever present within all of this Universe of Oneness. For we are all one, under one roof and this is God's roof.

Bless you all for you are so perfect in your hearts and souls.

And so it is.

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Please feel free to share these Insights with your friends, family, associates and enemies to

Create a world of Oneness through your Divine Love.

May the love, light and blessings of God and the whole Universe surround, protect and heal you, your loved ones and the planet earth.

With Love, Gratitude and Respect,
Truly, With God All Things Are Possible

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Michelle Morovaty is an Intuitive Spiritual Teacher and Healer. She has healed herself from many challenges including Lupus CNS, a car accident and divorce. She uses her intuition and universal guidance to assist people through the healing process.

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