Friday, November 14, 2008

Spirituality - Do You Believe In It?

Spirituality is the essence of life. It is that driving force upon which our life depends. Spirituality is the fodder for our soul. Since time infinite, man has relied upon spirituality to find the solutions to his toughest and most complex problems. Whether it was the invention of the wheel or the
Moses divine awakening, everything can be attributed to God and just God.

Through spirituality, we seek solace with God. Spirituality interferes in our lives time and again.

With spirituality, we rekindle and caress our harassed souls with the warmth and love of God.

God just leads us through the problems of this world by holding our fingers.

Many people in this world have experienced changes after being introduced to spirituality. They have been ushered into a completely new sphere of mental peace. They have experienced a harmony within themselves and learned to resolve their inner conflicts. People have emerged as completely changed human beings after their encounter with the Almighty. People have explored facts about their past lives, about their future lives through spirituality.

Spirituality adds that necessary impetus to your life. Without spirituality, you lack a guiding force in life, a light to take you through the darkest corners of life. With spirituality we attain salvation, an end to from all the troubles and hassles of life. We develop a stoic attitude towards life facing all its problems with a brave heart. In short, spirituality is indeed one of the ways through which we can better our lives. We get near to God and as a result get solution from all the problems of life.

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