Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sharing Your Abundance

As you human beings are beginning to realize that you are all a part of the Oneness of Source, of All-That-Is and your Divine, then will the peace that many of you desire begin to manifest for you. We are wanting to remind you that you are all connected. And that we are all, of the non-physical, connected with you also, as we are with all of that which is non-physical.

As you are flowing down your stream of consciousness to manifesting that which you desire your oneness becomes more easily recognizable for you. Those flickering moments of intuition, perception and insight begin to come more frequently to you. When recognizing that another person is having difficulties in their life, in that moment of realization you feel sympathy for them, love for them. That is a moment of Divine Oneness you are experiencing. As more and more moments come to you and you become more aware and more fully awake you will begin to feel the flowing of peace and love that just absolutely springs forth from your consciousness. The feeling of overwhelming joy that encompasses your being will lift you to a place of light and love, not only for that person you are observing, but for yourself as well.

The abundance of your stream, as your canoe floats down stream directs your consciousness to more and more abundance in every aspect of your life; your awareness becomes fine-tuned to that which you desire. As this 'turning around of your canoe' is more defined, you also raise the 'turning around' of consciousness of those around you, and in fact, it will raise the consciousness of the Earth. This is a very dominant desire for many, many physical beings at this time of your earth's transition. Knowing this is so brings each of you a freedom of choice, a freedom of abundance and a flowing of Divine Source to you. Live in the gratitude of knowing, receiving and sharing. And so you shall be blessed. For now, this is our message to you. With Love. Abraham"

Channeled to Donna Rae 04-14-08

Donna Rae Riddel is a teacher, writer dedicated to sharing the Teachings of Abraham, Masters, Angels through written channeled messages. She is a healing practitioner specializing in Reiki and Pranic Healing techniques. Distance healing services and channeling available. Free Weekly Newsletter @ http://www.montanahealingconnections.com - Email light4living@gmail.com

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