Monday, November 10, 2008

New Age Spirituality Beliefs

The New Age Spirituality movement is very unique. There are many things about this type of spirituality that is very different from other spiritual groups. There is no central organization, holy text, creed, dogma, formal clergy or membership roles.

New Age Spirituality is a group of believers who share similar beliefs and they can add these beliefs to any formal religion they are a part of.

Some of the New Age Spirituality beliefs are as follows:

1. Everything that exists comes from a single source of divine energy. This is called Monism.

2. Panthesim is the belief that all that exists is God and God is all that exists. They believe that God is inside us and in the entire universe.

3. Panenthesim believers state that God is all that exists and God is the whole universe and also transcends the universe.

4. Those who believe in Reincarnation believe that they are reborn after death and live as another person. Reincarnation happens many times.

5. Karma is the belief that the good and bad things we do are kept track of and are added and
subtracted continually. When a person dies they are punished or rewarded depending on the tally. They are either reincarnated to a good new life or a painful new life.

6. Many people who follow New Age Spirituality believe that everyone has an aura. An aura is an energy field that radiates from the body. Some say they can read people’s auras and determine their state of mind and their physical and spiritual health.

These are some of the New Age Spirituality beliefs. Others can be found in books and magazines that deal with spirituality. There are also many online sites that have information about spirituality.

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Paul Maurice Martin said...

I wonder if viewing the world or being itself as God is necessarily an alternative belief system. Of course, if one is convinced the world includes past lives, other dimensions etc., then clearly it is...

But otherwise, maybe viewing the world or being itself as identical with God just speaks to having a certain set of attitudes or feelings toward the world. You might not need to have alterative beliefs about it.