Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2008 And Religion - The Future of Humanity at the Stake

Christians often cite the biggest problem in society is that people are drifting away from god.

Some evangelicals have even postulated that Hurricane Katrina was a punishment for the wicked ways of New Orleans. Personally, I think the odds just ran out on New Orleans, which was unfortunately, built under sea level and the big Hurricane Finally landed there.

Still, you will find many Christians who say it is god's wrath and they also have detracting things to say against atheists. Of course, the atheists will be first to tell you that Human Religion is a real problem for the future of humanity, it is a thief of the life experience, a control mechanism and a prop up for those with little or no self-esteem, in their opinion. The atheist will say that this harsh criticism comes from observation, not by conviction or adoption of an alternative to gods or a god.

Yes, we must often debate these things and find strength in our own convictions, whatever they might be. The Christian will find comfort in defending his views and the atheist will feel happy to explains his, which might go something like this; religion was created to make people feel good, just like Santa Clause to make Children behave and do the right thing to "Get" gifts. It is a simple psychological add-on for them.

As we look at the Modern World religions that are prevalent today, a non-believer might conclude that any religion that wants to control over time, will have to modify their religion with the times. Those that don't are problematic, like Islamic groups that have gone astray from that religion for instance. Of course, Christianity has done a bit of a better job in building control and progress, but it still lives a falsehood. The Christian will then warn the atheist, "You just wait, you will not be saying that on judgment day."

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