Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Indian Age Communication

The Indian AGE Communication is also going to publish a series of 10 books from eminent writers of South Asia. Writer Sarojini Sahoo's newest book "Waiting for Manna " (ISBN : 978-81-906956-0-2) is the first book of that series in its show case .

Sarojini Sahoo the a veteran south Asian writer known in Western for her Eastern Feminism. New York Times portal's women's guide Linda Lowen writes: Many of Dr. Sahoo's writings deal candidly with female sexuality, the emotional lives of women, and the intricate fabric of human relationships. As an Indian feminist, Dr. Sarojini Sahoo has written extensively about the interior lives of women and how their burgeoning sexuality is seen as a threat to traditional patriarchal societies. Her novels and short stories treat women as sexual beings and probe culturally sensitive topics such as rape, abortion and menopause from a female perspective.

The book costs 300 INR or $10.85 US for readers. But Indian AGE wishes to gift its readers with a 40% introductory discount on that book and now it can be purchased at 180 INR or $6.50 US. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

Indian AGE is a magazine, where the readers will find the magazine never shirked away from a fight, always excelling as a powerful instrument to shape the public opinion. The founder of Indian Age is Suresh Palamel, a reputed journalist, who devotes his whole life for the betterment of the society and fights against all social evils. Indian AGE is publishing from Vadodara since 25th October 2001. Having its offices in all main cities of India. Indian AGE bring out special features on various issues focusing to the citizen and their issues.The October issue of Indian AGE is at market. You can accessthe soft copy at

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