Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom

MaAnna Stephenson's new book The Sage Age is now in galley print.

The book's premise is: Harmonizing the full range of frontier science with current intuitive wisdom and practice. Demystifying science jargon and metaphysical buzzwords with easy to understand examples and illustrations. A seekers guide bringing new models for new thought.

Combining the knowledge of physics with intuitive practice is no small task. The two disciplines often use the same words to mean entirely different things. Written for the seeker with more than a casual interest, The Sage Age – Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom demystifies complex ideas with intelligent analogies and examples designed to appeal to both the scientist and the natural intuitive.

With a well-researched approach to its subjects, The Sage Age covers a broad range of material from ancient to modern thought, frontier science and current intuitive practice to deliver a depth and breadth of understanding that culminates in a holistic perspective for our time.

Living up to its mantra of "new models for new thought," The Sage Age is certain to be a catalyst for dialog and is destined to be a major work in its field.

Stephenson's new eBook titled How Thoughts Become Reality is being created exclusively for newsletter subscribers. An entire chapter in The Sage Age is devoted to the topic of thoughts: what they are, how they affect us, and how they create our reality. Sign up for the newsletter and be the first to receive the new eBook when it becomes available.

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