Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Prayers to Heal and Comfort and to Bless

We have all been through situations where we were worried about a loved one or needed help to get through a rough time. Prayers to Heal and Comfort and to Bless is designed to console patients and families of those in hospices, hospitals, and nursing homes, as well as anyone going through a worrisome transition or frightening circumstances.

For those who are familiar with A Course in Miracles, this book of prayers will be a recognizable collection of comforting thoughts to heal, comfort, and bless. Those who discover the text for the first time may also find reassurance in concepts that perhaps were not previously contemplated. These selected verses remind us of our true spiritual nature, our oneness with the Christ, and the fact that we are always safe and Divinely protected even during traumatic times.

As if looking through the eyes of our Creator, the calming and magnificent photographs are sure to bring peace to the weary soul. Combined with gentle and soothing words, these nature scenes move us to a place where fear is conquered and only love remains.

Donna Brown is an author and inspirational speaker who has given over sixty speeches since she joined Toastmasters International in September 2004. She has earned her Advanced Toastmasters Gold and Competent Leader awards, and held many Toastmasters officer positions in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

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