Saturday, May 17, 2008

Universal Law Series: The Law of Transition

by Ulla Jacobs

The Law of Transition governs a process that many seem to fear—death. This law provides for a smooth exit, a shift from one reality to another. Guides and guardians are there to provide support and love, making this a comfortable transition from physicality to the spirit world.

No one “dies” alone!

Once we arrive at the point of transition, we get to leave all acquired wealth and materialistic gain behind. We take along the knowledge and wisdom gained from experiences and dramas we encountered. We take along the feelings of accomplishment for things done well and good deeds delivered, along with the feelings of love that bind us strongly to family and friends.

I call this the “take a bow” law because we get to take a bow and leave the stage, as we shed the most recent costume. Leaving the body behind, we journey through the veil to enter the other side.

A period of transition then allows the soul to re-adjust from being on the earth plane. The length of time depends upon how versed the soul has become with the procedure. Advanced souls that have been in body many times, breeze through this process. We get a cosmic light shower to remove any debris and negativity that are not compatible with the One Vibration of Love. When the soul is ready a life review is presented. This allows the soul to evaluate important issues in order to gain insight from the experiences.

Was the lesson learned, the contract met?

It must be made clear at this point that no judgments are made and no punishment is delivered. These negative vibrations cannot live within this loving supportive realm. When people ask me why there would be no recrimination for killing others, I reply that this would be futile since those presumably killed are all still there. No one was really killed. It was all illusion, part of the play we participated in, to bring about soul advancement.

When the transition process is complete, the soul gets to reside once again, with its family. Soul families form alliances based on resonance and levels of advancements. Again, it’s a matter of seeking comfortable companionship, just as we often draw to people of similar vibration while on earth. The body may die but the consciousness lives on.

When the final act is over, we get to shed the costume, go home to re-evaluate the most recent performance. Then we get to decide if we want to act in another play or not. It’s all about choices while Universal Law helps to take care of the details.

Instead of fearing this transitory state, we should embrace it. When the time comes we get to go home.

The Law of Transition provides the way.

About Ulla Jacobs

Ulla Jacobs, visionary and first time author of Hidden Laws: Ultimate Tools for Divine Co-Creation, has been a researcher for over 35 years. A health crisis prompted the search for alternative medical cures when the allopathic route did not work for her. She evaluated various cures including herbs, supplements and many alternative healing modalities such as Yoga, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Ayurveda, Meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Iridology. Changing to a healthy diet helped to lessen and then alleviate symptoms. However, it was discovering the mind/body connection that finally led to, after nine years, being able to overcome the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis. When she discovered universal law, Ulla realized that she had found the key to self-empowerment. Awareness and understanding of nature’s laws allowed for pro-active involvement in day-to-day interactions with others. This knowledge provided a basis for the need to dispel negativity and fear, in order to keep from drawing more of the same. Ulla believes that these are the principles Jesus came to teach over 2000 years ago.

Taking early retirement from her job of Purchasing Agent with local government has allowed her to devote time to the important mission of sharing the knowledge of these ancient laws. Enjoying a fit and healthy lifestyle in Victoria B.C., Ulla and her husband spend time on their sailboat, cruising some of the best sailing grounds in the world.

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