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Universal Law Series: An Introduction to Universal Law

By Ulla Jacobs

Universal Law
Does it really exist?
What is it?
What can it do for you?

Universal Law is a set of rules or guidelines established to support creation. It works by compatible vibration, a resonance that seeks to find a similar frequency. Modern Science has verified the existence of a unified field that contains all knowledge. This energy is comprised of pure intelligence. When I first learned to meditate, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the TM movement spoke about the viability of this unified field. Albert Einstein was also convinced of its existence.

So, how does it affect all of us?

With the understanding that everything in the universe is made up of vibration, in varying densities, comes the ability to conceptualize the existence of a magnetic draw. The focus and mindset we project draws back a similar energy. In other words you get what you give. This is the fundamental causation of the Law of Attraction. Harmonic energies provide a magnetic draw of the emitted thoughts, thereby creating a boomerang effect, which finds its way back to the starting point.

The Law of Attraction has the ability to become an ally, helping to create all of the visions that we would like to be able to manifest. Remember, to utilize it optimally, it needs to be brought into immediate focus. It needs to become prevalent within your sphere of reality. It needs to already exist.

If you seek abundance, become abundant by counting blessings and abolishing lack in any form. If you seek a happy relationship, begin by being a happy person in all your relationships. Treat people with respect. If you seek a better job, begin by seeing the one you are in as being wonderful. Then see what happens. Sometimes the circumstances that made the old job less desirable will change, or a promotion may present itself. A newer, positive outlook has the ability to dispel the previous, negative charge placed on the position. If you do not have a job and would like to attract one, begin by imagining the feeling of being hired.

See yourself working for the company of you choice or performing work you would like to do. How does it feel? Feelings are the spark plugs that ignite the thought, bringing it into reality. Picture it clearly. Bring it into your present reality. Only in the present moment will manifestation become reality. This is due to the fact that the past has gone and the future has not yet arrived. Everything transpires in the now. A further step is needed to bring the desired effect. Any action must be taken towards the goal. The universe needs to know that you are serious. This brings about a release of energy from you and starts the ball rolling.

The Law of Cause and Effect works on the same principle, magnetically drawing energy but the governing and driving force is deeds. This Law of Reciprocal Action embodies the standard of "As you sow, so you shall reap.”

We are given the Law of Free Will to make choices but must be fully aware of the responsibility of the actions unleashed. Once again, there is a return in kind.

Become aware of what gifts you are accepting and also what gifts you are offering. What message are you sending to the universe?

Awareness of the Law of Cause and Effect can enable us to see what we are setting into motion and thereby calling back to us. Awareness is the first precursor necessary for understanding these laws and how they work. With understanding comes the ability to gain further knowledge in order to make changes for the betterment and quality of life. Understanding the principle that propels this Law of Reciprocal Action can bring about the desire for receiving only favorable returns. In order to accomplish this we must realize the quality of what is emitted. There is a slang expression of ‘garbage in-garbage out’. When dealing with the Law of Cause and Effect we need to reverse this phrase to; ‘garbage out-garbage in.’
Don’t want garbage back?
Don’t send it out!

The Law of Vibration or One binds us all to each other and to everything else in the universe. We breathe the same air and our body functions in the same way, regardless of nationality, race, creed or habitat. Involuntary systems are at work within every body, regulating heartbeat, digestion and respiration. These functions enable the body to be sustained. Pondering upon the intricacy and also the simplicity of the working of the human body caused me to wonder about the inception of it. This was not just a random occurrence. Real intelligence was at work, here. A life force enters all living things on a continuous basis until such a time comes when the present journey ends. The Law of Transition then takes over to ensure a successful trip back home. We get to shed the costume of this incarnation, spending some time in a de-briefing session, evaluating the lessons learned. Then we get to decide what comes next. Do we need to return into physicality for further learning or have we evolved on a soul level, with the ultimate goal being ascension?

Free will and all the other laws of nature apply on the other side of the veil, just as they do on earth. I was made aware of this fact recently, when I tried to contact my deceased father. In physicality he was always wary about channeling. Assuming that his perspective might have changed, now that he was in spirit form, I pushed the issue. He chose to decline contact. When I persisted further, a group of his guides immediately formed a barrier between him and myself. Universal Law is to be respected by all.

What can the knowledge of universal law do for us?

Understanding can allow each of us to shape circumstances in daily life. The scope of this autonomy is limitless and without boundaries. We have full reign to do and become anything that can be conceptualized. Armed with free will, the Law of Life allows us to create any dream and carry it into reality. Adherence to the laws of nature can bring ease and peace of mind to anyone and everyone.

Every day we are presented with circumstances that allow us the opportunity to do our personal best. Challenges, that require some sort of decision or feedback, will need to be addressed. This may occur at the bank, in the grocery store, at work, while visiting with friends or sitting in traffic. The stage is wide open; the players could be anyone. We get a chance to act in a drama that has been set-up as a lesson. What will we choose to create out of the experiences? Will we take the easy way out or will we allow ourselves to be challenged in order to grow spiritually?

Remember: the lesson will keep reappearing until it is learned.

Doing our personal best is like taking a spiritual vitamin, nutrition for the soul. Some interactions are simple and quite rewarding:
-A smile from an elderly lady as you hold the door open for her
-A wave from a motorist as you let him/her in line during rush hour
-A “thank you” from a co-worker when you do a favor or offer a kind word

Other things occur to really test our level on the kindness barometer:

Can you
-Forgive someone who just rammed your car?
-Walk away from a disagreement before it becomes a yelling match?
-Call someone to apologize when you were in the wrong?

As each circumstance presents itself, we get a chance to offer a part of ourselves to the situation. Whether we choose to act or not is governed by the Law of Free Will. How we treat others will return back to us as decreed by the Law of Cause and Effect. Just as a boomerang returns to the original starting point, the energy vibration emitted eventually finds its way home.

A business I go into once or twice a week presented me with the opportunity to practice with the flow of positive vibrations. It gave me a chance to see if it really worked. One of the workers was generally in a bad mood. She treated customers curtly, usually with a frown upon her face. Her entire energy was oppressive and unfriendly. Everything was a huge effort. I always disliked being waited on by her and this, of course, ensured that she would be the one I drew. When I became aware of the laws, I decided to see if a kind word would help. Standing in line, I sent her positive, upbeat vibes. When it came to be my turn at her wicket, I complemented her on a lapel pin. She thanked me and smiled, transforming a dour look into a very pleasant face. This lady obviously had problems that troubled her all day.

Whenever I see her, I send support her way. She greets me with a smile and often strikes up a conversation. I no longer draw her to be the one to serve me because I no longer dread the experience. Complaining to the manager about her manner, would have just added to her heavy load, not something I was comfortable doing.

I’m not going to tell you this sending of energy solved all of her problems and everything was ‘hunky dory’. That would be unrealistic. This lady had something going on that was causing a lot of anxiety, something needing to be resolved, if she was to move beyond the pain. Her posture and expression alluded to dejection. Choosing to send her positive energy and offering a kind word produced my desired result, which was to create a better working relationship with her. It also released my anxious energy, directed at her, by not wanting to deal with her. This was a further burden upon a person that was obviously already carrying far too much baggage. I am grateful for the insight to no longer contribute to her stress load.

Every time I see her now we exchange a greeting, even if I don’t have actual dealings with her. When she waits on me, we share some insight or anecdote. The interchanges are all positive and pleasant.

I am very grateful for having discovered the teachings that allow for the diffusion of unpleasant situations. I have conducted further experiments, since this incident, all with positive results. The interaction with others allows us to do our personal best, if we so choose. Each time that we do a kind deed it raises the vibration of the other person involved. Additionally, our own vibration and the universal resonance are raised also.
It makes me secure in the knowledge that one person can indeed make a difference. We all benefit when negativity is replaced with a positive outlook. Exponentially, this wave has the ability to gain momentum, as each person joins in. Could this be a way to bring about peace, if enough of us held that thought in our hearts? This is truly spiritual work, divine co-creation with the one energy that brings life to all.

There is no greater feeling of freedom than to realize that we each have the power to affect the path we travel by carefully monitoring our thoughts and deeds. Success in this endeavor has the effect of raising not only our own vibration but also the resonance of the earth.

Once carefully guarded by the teachers within mystery schools and taught to only a few, select people, it is time for this information to be shared and used for the greatest good. These ‘Hidden Laws’ need to be showcased and examined so that they may become useful to all people, anywhere and everywhere, at any time. No longer should this information reside in old tomes on dusty shelves. Universal laws need to be recognized, understood and utilized.
That is their mission.
That is their objective.
That is their goal, to allow each of us to co-create with the universe thereby attaining self-empowerment.

About Ulla Jacobs

Ulla Jacobs, visionary and first time author of Hidden Laws: Ultimate Tools for Divine Co-Creation, has been a researcher for over 35 years. A health crisis prompted the search for alternative medical cures when the allopathic route did not work for her. She evaluated various cures including herbs, supplements and many alternative healing modalities such as Yoga, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Ayurveda, Meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Iridology. Changing to a healthy diet helped to lessen and then alleviate symptoms. However, it was discovering the mind/body connection that finally led to, after nine years, being able to overcome the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis. When she discovered universal law, Ulla realized that she had found the key to self-empowerment. Awareness and understanding of nature’s laws allowed for pro-active involvement in day-to-day interactions with others. This knowledge provided a basis for the need to dispel negativity and fear, in order to keep from drawing more of the same. Ulla believes that these are the principles Jesus came to teach over 2000 years ago.

Taking early retirement from her job of Purchasing Agent with local government has allowed her to devote time to the important mission of sharing the knowledge of these ancient laws. Enjoying a fit and healthy lifestyle in Victoria B.C., Ulla and her husband spend time on their sailboat, cruising some of the best sailing grounds in the world.

For more information about Ulla Jacobs, “Hidden Laws: Ultimate Tools for Divine Co-creation” and her upcoming books, please visit

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