Friday, September 15, 2006

A reader of my book asked a question about why a spirit would want to mess with a human by moving things around or hiding objects from us. I'd like to share my answer with you: When a body is no longer able to host a soul or spirit, it dies. The spirit is eternal and does not die; it simply has no dense form to contain it. The personality and character traits of the soul remain along with the lessons it learned on Earth and the cellular memory of issues that still need to be worked through.

Spirits do like to interact with humans and some are not so benevolent; others are very helpful and work with us to co-create our destiny. Everything is energy and energy can be manipulated, changed and worked with. Some people are more energy-sensitive than others. I can walk into a room and quickly know if there is a non-physical being present. I also know when someone is angry, depressed, I am what is known as an “empath”. There have been times when I have been praying for someone and suddenly taken on the exact symptoms of suffering that a person was experiencing. Not fun believe me. I was in a department store once when a “code Adam” was issued. I immediately began to feel the panic and terror of the parent (I knew it was a mother) who had lost her child in the store. I nearly doubled over from the energy surge and had to sit down and ground myself while I made contact with the spirit of the mother. I began to speak calming, rational words to her spirit (this is very difficult to do while being attacked by an energy overload). Then I made contact with the child and his angels (I knew it was a boy who was missing) and asked them to safely reunite the mother and child in the store NOW. Within five minutes the announcement came that the child had been found, but the incident wiped me out for the rest of the day. I had to leave the store and go home to recover.

Since then, I have learned to set boundaries with spirits whether in a body or not. I've asked Arch Angels Michael and Chamuel to constantly hold their loving, protective energy in place around me and act as "body and aura guards". Any spirit who wishes to come to me for help, but be "interviewed" by these strong angelic beings and pass the test. Any spirit that is not of the highest light having my best intention in mind is not permitted to affect me in anyway. I also visualize the violet flame of St. Germaine around my aura to transmute any detrimental psychic energy that comes toward me through the thoughts or words of those who wish me harm. I have sensed a tremendous difference since I began this process of setting boundaries and no longer awaken during the night with a "ghost" hovering over my bed!

We are multi-dimensional beings having presence in more than one realm at a time and I don’t find it unusual to interact with these “hidden” dimensions of consciousness and reality. In fact, this is how I manifest everything I need. I work with my guides, angels and benevolent spirit beings to bring to my life whatever is necessary for me to fulfill my Divine purpose for being here

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