Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Holy Grail by Morgana Rae

Because my mother named me Morgana after the sorceress/healer of King Arthur lore, I have always been drawn to the Arthurian legends concerning the Holy Grail. In fact, while I was still training to be a life coach, one of my classes asked me to imagine a symbol for my life vision--some right brain metaphor for the life I was creating. The image of a majestic, magical chalice of a dark ruby hue came to my mind. It pulsed with life. Out of my grail poured abundance, love, and transformation.

The Grail has pre-Christian roots in the magical cauldrons of Celtic tradition--the Cauldron of Rebirth, Goddess Ceridwen's Cauldron of Wisdom, the Cauldron of Plenty that that is always full of delicious food. The Grail has clear, feminine, associations: its curves are feminine, it is always carried by a woman, it nourishes us like our mother. It points to the healing aspects of the feminine-relationship, intuition, receptivity. The cauldron/grail is a gate between this world and other realms, like the womb that brings the child from one world to the next. Or the ocean of possibility that is available to us when we allow it in, when we allow ourselves to be the vessel.

I see in the Grail mystery an allegory for our individual quests for happiness. And I found the myth to be a remarkable model for life coaching itself.

Here is the essence of the Grail story: a person of power who possesses the Grail, the "Fisher King," has been wounded by life. His world has become a wasteland to him. He is disconnected from a former sense of abundance and joy, and though the magical Grail is in his possession--in his castle--its powers to heal and restore wholeness are unavailable to him. Unavailable, that is, until an outsider will take notice of his suffering and ask him two questions: "What ails you?" and "Whom does the Grail serve?" (These are great life coach questions!)

Here is the lesson of the Grail: The king could be any of us who has been hurt or disappointed, depleted by life. The Grail's promise of redemption manifests in the mysterious, healing alchemy of love...by another being seeing and hearing who we are, with caring and without judgment. Suddenly the wounded person's inner resources become available again. The wound is whole. Think of moments when were in love with someone who loved you back. Or you stayed up all night talking with your best friend. Or you held your favorite pet. You felt understood, accepted as you were, time seemed to stop. All was right with you and your world. Anything was possible. Those are Grail moments. You are your truest self. Your soul is nourished.

This is what coaching is about: the coach is that other person to see you and care and ask the nosy questions that could release you from where you are stuck. Coaching is designed to reconnect you with your full creativity, resourcefulness, and vitality...a lifetime of living in Grail moments. But each path is unique. What does your Holy Grail look like--what are you questing for?

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